Locating Services

We are a full service locating company. We place vending equipment, display racks, pay telephones, ATM machines, and all other types of product. Our team of professional and experienced locators can secure locations in person and/or over the phone.

In Person Locating Services

Our locator will work closely with you to develop a successful vending route based upon your needs. We will take you to each of the locations to meet the owner. When you approve of the new vending route you will pay the balance to the locator.

Phone Locating Services

To find locations by telemarketing, we will search for suitable businesses in the area you have chosen. Our telephone representative will contact the decision maker of the business, usually the owner or manager in order to secure the location for your vending machines, display racks, and/or other products.

Charity / Commission

You will have to support the placement of your vending equipment by the payment of a commission to the business or payment of a percentage of profit to a charity. We strongly recommend you use a charity for small machines. A commission is usually necessary to secure locations for larger equipment such as soda or snack machines.

Our prices are very competitive, please call us to further discuss our services. If you need vending machines and equipment, click here to visit our affiliate.